For those of you that have an established fan base, you most probably know the struggles that you have had to face during the beginning stages. You would also remember that it were your earliest fans that held your back during those tough days. The community you built and nurtured has now grown into well-developed connections between yourself and your fans. And hopefully with HelpMeTry, you also would have paid supporters that fund your creative endeavours.

Nonetheless, one of the questions that would plague you would be whether the rewards that you are offering are in reality worth the price that your supporters pay. In order to analyse your membership plan, you would have to know the following:

  •         What data do you use as a yardstick for your success?   
  •         What other means of income do you employ?
  •         What figures do you need to define your financial accomplishments?

One of the things you need to be knowledgeable about is that those creators whose growth has almost doubled year after year are able to fuel it using a combination of promotions and limited rewards. Although they are very diverse approaches, it has helped create an increase in supporter numbers for a large number of creators.


Methods to Grow Number of Supporters using Data


Before experimenting with data, you’ll want to remember some points of reference to see the maximum success.

  •         Check the changes that have happened in the number of supporters over a span of time – like a 6 month period.
  •         Aim for almost 90% retention of supporters every month. 95% would be the best case scenario.
  •         New members tend to stop their membership fee within the first three months.

The task that you have set out on will seem daunting in the face of such short span of time. But on implementing the following strategies you should be able to get some level of success.

1. Motivate your audience with an exclusive deal

Try providing a specific tier of your audience with unlimited time or exclusive deals. Then gauge whether offering rewards along these lines help you in attaining more members. If this tactic is a success, you would notice an uptick in the number of followers and the revenue that you receive from the tier that the deal was offered on.


2. Promote your page on multiple social channels

If you would like to know which social media platform brings in the most number of supporters, you would have to target your advertisings. Highlight a particular level that you want to increase pledges in, and post about it on multiple social media channels. You could see how much traffic your posts have brought by using tools such as Google Analytics or Twitter Analytics.

3. Prepare a new call-to-action

Sometimes an old (and possibly boring) call-to-action might be putting off a large section of your fans from contributing. Create a better call-to-action that will connect with your followers and then check the number of members and pledges after some weeks. If it has resulted in a substantial increase in supporters, you have achieved your goal.


4. Offer a simple reward that would be loved by fans

Try offering an unassuming reward in the tier you wish to promote and ask your fans if they are interested in this. It could be handwritten note, or a draft of the backer’s favourite post. Feel the pulse of your community to see which tier is the most enthusiastic about the campaign. This will ensure that you can keep those supporters around for longer.

5. Let supporters be part of creative process

There will be a certain section of your audience which would love to be a part of the creative process. And you could leverage that to retain your supporters for more than three months. You could either

  •         Do a poll on the next topic
  •         Create a brainstorming team of the highest paying tier
  •         Release behind the scenes footage of the posts you create

You can measure the success that you get by implementing this strategy by seeing the engagement that you get on these set of posts. If they are connecting with your audience and is resulting in more supporter retention, you can do more of the same.


6. Make your ‘thank you’ truly special

A lot of your fans believe in what you do and wish to see you flourish and get to the top. These are the fans you need to thank. However, a personal and unique touch to your appreciation will go a long way to rouse up your supporters. This would also motivate a larger number of fans to rally behind your cause.


Since you have been actively building your fan base, you would know what would work best for them. So play along with these suggestions and see which combination works best for your supporters.  

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