One of the biggest obstacles a creator can face when it comes to generating income is promoting oneself to their audience. However, you would need to have more of your fans visiting your page on HelpMeTry on a regular basis. This would increase the likelihood of the number of fans converting into paid supporters and would help retain the existing ones. Read on to find out how you can achieve this.


Tips to convert fans into paid supporters


1. Review the multiple tiers and incentives offered to your fans

You may have incorporated a lot of reward ideas for your fans which would either have been experimental in nature, or something you feel would have worked well for your fans. Nonetheless, it is possible that you might not be too sure of a few of them. If you have doubts regarding this, try answering the following questions

  •         Are any of the rewards that you offer sucking up your time or being too cumbersome for you?
  •         Are you unable to deliver any of the incentives that you have offered?
  •         Are there any rewards that you feel don’t belong to the vibe of you or your community?

If you answer any of these with a ‘yes’, then it is time to let go of that reward. Since these are the rewards that you are offering your fans, you have the sole discretion to stop offering them. Just make sure to inform your fans before you go ahead with it.


2. Schedule your work and be systematic

Whichever platform you choose to post your content on, chances are that it already has a huge number of content creators on it. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to assume that due to the saturation that has occurred on the internet, particularly on the various platforms that host these contents, your post could get lost. Even if your fans are subscribed to your channel or follow your page, the algorithm of the platform might not work entirely in your favour. Furthermore, the constant barrage of ads, information and posts would also push your content lower in the ranks of your audience’s home page. Due to these reasons and more, you will have to be more regular at posting your content. This would be applicable even on HelpMeTry.

Planning your content would have to be a priority if you wish to attain success in making revenue. One of the easiest things that you can do is to have content ideas prepared beforehand. If you offer bonus or premium content to your supporters, scheduling it weekly (or in any frequency of your choosing) and planning well in advance would help you in the long run.

3. Think about what attracts your fans to you – emotional connection or benefits

The two primary incentives that fans have in supporting you as a creator is the emotional connection that they share with you, or the incentives you offer them. You would have to strike a delicate balance between the two, as your fans would prefer a combination of both.

(i) The Practical Incentive: You would have to clearly and frequently communicate with your audience (particularly the ones that haven’t joined your membership plan yet) about what is on offer for your paid supporters. This might motivate a certain section of the crowd to join in. It could be something as simple as community access or an elaborate plan of a get together that you arrange for your highest paying members.


(ii) The Emotional Incentive: This would require you to tug at the heartstrings of your fans, so ensure that it is authentic. Ruminate on what your community means to you – the struggles you went through together, the successes that came your way… this is all because of the unwavering backing that your supporters have given you throughout your journey. When you mention these points, also mention how their support helped you make unbiased content or the fact that you can now focus on doing what you love rather than trying to make ends meet. This is extra important for those creators that don’t generally provide bonus content on their page.

4. Invite your audience – officially and casually

If you believe that continuously drawing the attention of your fans to your membership plan makes you sound like an unwelcome ad, you might have to change your marketing strategy. It would have to be a combination of two strategies – official and unofficial invitation.

(i) Official invitation – This is where you call on your audience for immediate action. You explain in detail what your paid members get as rewards and motivate your fans. Although it is important, it doesn’t have to be the only method employed for your marketing.


(ii) Unofficial Invitation – This is a more laid back and comfortable line of attack. Give a shout-out to your supporters, or give a teaser on the bonus content that is there on your page – the possibilities are endless. Open the channels of communication with your fans by posting something about your premium content on social media, or tag a supporter. This would garner the interests of your non-paying members while engaging your supporters as well.

Keep in mind that your viewers listen very closely to the cues you give out. If you want them to get excited about becoming members, you should be the reason why. You should exude that enthusiasm for your work and your fans’ support. So go out there and get started!

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