So you’ve finally launched your page, been with Help Me Try for a while, or are just looking around trying to figure things out before you dive in. If you’re looking to learn more about how rewards work, you’ve come to the right place. Although rewards are not absolutely necessary, we highly recommend that you give them serious consideration. Rewards are a great way of letting your supporters know how much you appreciate their help while giving your fans a stronger reason to become your supporters as well. This means that rewards are extremely important not just for you but for your fan circle too.

At this point, it’s important to think about what kind of rewards you could possibly offer your fans. We have put together a simple list that encompasses the different types of rewards you could potentially offer your supporters, as well as our insights on which ones would work best for you.

Before we begin, it is important for us to understand that the type of rewards to be offered varies greatly from creator to creator, so what works for one kind of creator may not necessarily work for you and your fans.

Most of the best rewards fall into 5 broad categories which we will be exploring in detail:


1. Share some insight

Giving fans access to some insights of your process is something you can definitely find a way to do regardless of the type of content you create. This could be giving a little tour of your studio, recording yourself working on your new gig, or even offering access to some deleted scenes. Sharing access and insights is a great way to reward your fans without expending too much effort either.


2. Engage a little

An engagement-based reward involves giving your fans the opportunity to directly interact with you. This can be done in numerous ways including Q&A sessions or even a live one-on-one video chat. Engagement rewards are considered more special and can be reserved for fans who offer you more support. You can even consider meeting your top supporter(s) in person if the option is feasible to you. A massive advantage of engagement rewards is that it strengthens the relationship between you and your fans and greatly increases their likelihood of supporting you in the future as they become more loyal. Engagement adds a personal touch which greatly appeals to many fans who would consider it an amazing opportunity to get to interact with you. It also gives you an opportunity to gain more insight into the kind of content fans expect from you and what image they carry of you.


3. Give a Shoutout

Apart from simply sending your supporters a thank you message, many fans would greatly appreciate it if you mentioned them by name in one of your works. Fan recognition is a great way to recognize and thank the supporters who make your creative process possible. If you’re a video creator, you can call out their names at the end of the video or feature them in the rolling end credits. You can also recognize them by listing them on your site, sending personalized thank you notes, or even a printable ‘thank you’ graphic. You can be as creative with this as you’d like! Your fans are sure to love the recognition and are very likely to feel motivated to keep supporting


4. Something Digital

Digital bonuses are one of the most popular rewards offered by most creators – and for good reason! Regardless of the kind of content you create, you can definitely find a way to create something a little ‘extra’ which can be offered as a reward to your fans. As a creator, you can offer exclusive access to a variety of things depending on what you do. This could be anything from extra videos, bonus songs, or even a special brand wallpaper for digital devices. Anything that can be considered exclusive or extra is a great choice for a digital bonus that fans would love to have access to. Digital bonuses give fans a greater incentive to keep supporting you as well. We highly recommend that you look for ways to incorporate digital benefits in your reward scheme as this is one of the best possible ways to increase your circle of supporters.


5. Something Physical

All reward options are special in their own way, but nothing screams special like a physical gift that you can hold and show around. Physical goods can also be a great way to boost fan loyalty and promote your content if you’re doing it through merchandise. T-shirts, mugs, posters, and keychains are just a few of the many many options you have out there when it comes to sending physical gifts. These goods can carry your brand logo or something which is exclusive to you as a creator, making it something worth cherishing for your fans. Although it can be slightly difficult sometimes to arrange for physical rewards, it can definitely be worthwhile especially for those fans who are supporting you the most.

Regardless of which rewards you decide to go for, we highly recommend that you offer multiple rewards as this will greatly increase your likelihood to succeed. You can assign a different reward to different tiers of supporters depending on how much they’re paying you for your creative work. You’re likely to draw in far more supporters if you can offer something for everyone.

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