Whether you are working on a long-awaited chapter for your story, or have just put in the finishing touches to your next blog article, your fans have always supported you through thick and thin. And one of the best ways by which you can show your appreciation is to reward them. If you are unsure about how to go forward with this, we at Help Me Try have a curated list of ideas that you can choose from. However, bear in mind that what might work for one writer may not necessarily be applicable to you and your supporters. The list provided below could either be implemented with your fan base, or it could help you come up with more ideas.


Reward Ideas for Writers to Offer Their Readers


1. Mail from Characters

One of the reasons your stories have a huge following would be due to their endearing characters. So why not surprise your fans with a letter from one of their beloved characters? Infuse the persona of the protagonist (or antagonist – if this is whom the fan prefers) into your writing, and mail a personalized letter to your fans. This would make a wonderful gift for your fans’ special day.  Although this might not take up too much of your time, it could still be a cherished artefact for your supporters.

2. Acknowledgment in a Published Book

You may want to go the extra mile for a few of your most ardent fans. Mentioning them in your acknowledgment would undeniably be a beautiful token of gesture for them having supported you through your literary journey. You could also send them a signed copy immediately after it is published – and bragging rights for life.   


3. Access to Blueprints

Instead of tormenting your family and friends to go over the rough sketch of your write-up, get your supporters to do it for you! This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for your dedicated readers on many fronts. They would get insight into your writing process, and could also propose some valuable pointers that could improve your next big piece of writing.


4. Behind The Scenes Material

You might feel that the deleted scenes, character sketches, or that weird doodle that started you off on your storytelling adventure are of no value, but that is what your fans thrive on. These are the points that have started massive online discussions amongst the fans of various fandoms, so why not help them along? Or in the least, it could clear out certain doubts regarding some of their favorite characters.

5. Include a Character with a Fan’s Name

Another novel way to guarantee your fan’s undying love and admiration is to utilize their name as a character in your book. It won’t cost you a thing, and who knows, he or she may go on to become a recurring (and perhaps a lovable) character.


6. Start a Forum

You could create a post on a forum (maybe on the page that you regularly post your stories on) and start a question and answer session. Give your readers a chance to ask you about the way your mind works, who your favorite character is, and where you get your ideas from.


7. Collaborate on a Story

From among your supporters, there may be a few that would form the crème of the crops. Grant them the exclusive opportunity to put forward some inputs that could be incorporated into your next story – be it the basis for a new character, or a surprising turn of events in the life of the protagonist. Furthermore, if they are budding writers themselves, you could ask them to write the next chapter with you and give them the credits for the same.

8. Exclusive Sneak-Peaks at Snippets

You could also grant them exclusive access to your next write-up. This could be a sneak peek into your book cover or an outline of your story before its release. An opportunity like this would greatly appeal to your most ardent fans. 


You can go ahead and experiment with different reward options to figure out which of these ideas would work the best with your fans. After all, you know your readers better than anyone else.

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