In this digital age, video creators like you are truly spearheading the digital content wave. Whether you’re onscreen or behind the camera, your videos are immensely popular among your fans and now you want to reward them for supporting you on Help Me Try. We have put together this article containing a list of some of the best reward ideas that video creators like you can use to give back to your supporters. These ideas are among the most popularly used ones among video creators, so feel free to pick the ones that work for you and customize them according to your preference. In fact, you can come up with your own new ideas if that works best for you- it’s totally your choice!


Reward Ideas For Video Creators To Offer Their Audience 


1. Early Access

One of the most popular options, releasing your videos early to your patrons is one way of getting them to support you in the long run. If your fans eagerly wait for you to drop your next video each time, this option might be perfect for you. Sometimes, releasing your video just a day early exclusively for your fans is enough to convince them to join the troop. Plus, it really doesn’t cost you much.


2. Behind the Scenes:

Although there are a variety of ways to share behind the scenes content, it all usually falls under two broad categories- Informative and Personal. For behind the scenes content that is more informative, you can share glimpses of your creative setup and how you create your videos. This information would be invaluable to those supporters who aspire to be video creators as well. It wouldn’t take much of your effort either as you can use things you already have on-hand such as outlines and notes. For a more personal touch, sharing behind the scenes content that consists of bloopers, uncut scenes, and other extra shots is a great way to connect with your supporters emotionally. Your fans are sure to love the extra content that shows your other side.

4. Exclusive Content Library

Granting access to an exclusive library of content is a great way to reward your fans. These videos could be ones that you’ve created over time on topics that really matter to your fans, making it almost irresistible for them to sign up as your supporter. For example, if you create fitness related content, you can grant access to full workout videos and plans to your supporters. This content library can also be used to share special video courses that would be of great benefit to your fans.


5. Special Content

This would involve creating videos that are a little different from what you normally do, especially for your supporters. An extra series would make for a perfect fit in this reward category. This special content offers something beyond what you normally do, making it a must-have for many of your fans.


6. Community Access

Creating a community especially for your supporters who share common interests is a great way to not just reward your fans by making them feel like they’re a part of something exclusive, but it will also help you gauge your fans’ opinions and feedback which can be a great asset to your creative process. The zone could help fans interact with each other and form new friendships while having their questions answered by you as well.

7. Opinion Polls

Your fans would love to have a say in your work. Giving them the chance to choose their favourite out of a list of topics or get to pick the reward they prefer is a great way to keep them engaged and in the loop. What’s more, their ideas could actually inspire you on those days when you just can’t come up with anything. A win-win situation!


8. Livestreaming

Even though your fans follow you for your videos, a live stream will always be something special. You can use this tool to not only interact with your fans in real-time, but also to make an important announcement, answer questions, or something completely different- it’s totally up to you!


9. Physical Merchandise

Physical merchandise has always remained a popular reward option regardless of which category of content creators one may belong to. If you have a logo or any other special material that can be used on merchandise, this is a great way to give back to your supporters. Since physical merchandise requires more effort on your side, this reward category can be reserved for higher-paying fans.


10. Fan Recognition

Without a doubt, there’s simply no better way to making your fans feel as special as they would with a little recognition from your side. Let your fans know how much you appreciate their support by giving them a shoutout in one of your videos, mentioning them in the end-credits list, or any other creative way you can think of.

Bear in mind that this list of rewards is only meant to give you a few ideas. Many of them might not be suited for you and that’s perfectly okay. Feel free to experiment and come up with reward ideas of your own. Also, there’s no limit when it comes to how many rewards you can offer, so whether you proceed with 1 or 10 is totally up to you.

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