People who listen to podcasts have increased dramatically over the years. With longer commutes and traffic jams, people have found that podcasts are a better (and less involved) form of infotainment. And for podcasters, it can become a side hustle or a full-time job.

But for you to start earning money through your fans, you may have to get your listeners to become paying members. And that can be done by providing rewards. We at Help me Try have an assortment of ideas that you can try with your fans to get the ball rolling.


Reward Ideas Podcasters Can Offer Their Listeners


1. Extra Content

There are multiple ways in which this can be implemented. One of the easiest methods that you can employ is to grant access to extra episodes for your paying fans. This can either be the topics that you cover on your main channel, or you could start an entirely new show. The supporters that regularly tune in to your free channel would be tempted to listen to the extra episodes as well.

You could also offer some behind-the-scenes audios for your fans. You could open up about your personal life, or talk about the nitty-gritty of setting up and working on podcasts. There would be a certain section of your audience who would want to learn from you, and these shows would help them along on their journey as well.


2. Admission to your Community

Another stress-free technique to increase the number of fans joining the membership model is the community access option. As it results in new and healthy conversations over the internet (and could result in possible new friendships), your podcast would be associated with these sentiments – which in turn would solidify your brand.

One of the perks you could offer your community members is voting rights. You could ask them to choose what topics to talk about in the next episode, or what questions to pose to guests (if your podcast has a regular guest segment). If you decide to sell products for your channel, you could put it up for your fans to choose on the type of merchandise they would want to buy or the logo design. Bear in mind that this may have to be restricted to the higher paying followers, and also on select topics.

3. Live Q&A and Chat Sessions

A large group of fans would have questions for their favourite podcasters regarding their work or any random mundane topics. So a fool-proof way of earning while catering to this section of your audience would be to host live question and answer sessions.

For those supporters who pay a higher amount, you could Skype with them, or even have a live chat session with a group of fans. This way you can keep your fans engaged plus it won’t take up a huge amount of effort on your part as well.


4. Physical Merchandise and Digital Bonuses

For those of you with an established brand name and merchandise to sell, you could give away a few products or give them at a discounted price. This may be applicable for fans who are in the medium paying range. If you don’t have any items, you could also give away digital bonuses. This could be in the form of extra content of episodes, bonus features, etc. you don’t have to be restricted to just a few options when it comes to digital rewards.


5. Finest Podcasts

There may be some podcasts that you have created that would be of a higher quality – it could be a detailed explanation of some themes that you normally cover superficially, or maybe a continuation of some topics you had on your channel. Moreover, you know that it would be extremely beneficial to a few of your listeners. One way you can ensure that it reaches them is to post it under premium podcasts and monetize it. That way, the free listeners would get to listen to all of your free stuff, whereas the fans who pay would get exclusive access to premium content.

6. Early Release

You could release your podcasts earlier to a select tier of your supporters (if you have multiple payment options) before it can be accessed by others.


7. Fan Acknowledgement and Involvement

One of the incentives you could offer your fans is recognising the support that they have provided you. You could choose to either give a shout-out during your recordings or tag them in a social platform of their desire. If you have an up and running website, you could have their names on the fan hall of fame.

For the highest paying bracket, you may need to go the extra mile. You could have them as your guests on your show (if your show has an interview segment), or have them be a part of the core brainstorming team.


8. Personalised Package

If your channel caters to a niche category which has a demand amongst people who want to learn, and you are an expert, you could give coaching services. Personalised packages could be a profitable reward for those who pay the most.

9. Sponsors

This could be something that you might be hesitant to incorporate into your podcasts, but it could work in your favour if your promoters have something to do with the theme of your shows. You may have to discuss with the sponsors regarding how they would want their ads placed.


We hope these ideas would help you on your journey. Remember that these proposals may not work with every creator, so do experiment with a few to get the mix that works best for your listeners.

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