Hello there, music maestro! We are super stoked to have you here on Help Me Try. Now that you’ve taken the first step, you’re probably wondering what kind of incentives you should be offering your fans for supporting your work. Well, fret not, because we’ve put together a killer list of reward ideas specifically tailored for musicians like you. Bear in mind that every creator is different so what works for one musician may not always work for you. Regardless of which reward options you decide to adopt, what’s truly important is that you make it your own so that you and your fans can make the most of the experience.


Reward Ideas for Musicians to Offer Their Fans


1. Community Access:

Offering your loyal supporters access to an exclusive member-only community is a great way to reward them. This thriving community of fans can get access to exclusive content, interact with other fans, and stay up to date on everything that’s going on with you and your work. You can even share exclusive tracks with this community to thank them for their support. They are sure to absolutely love the special treatment!

2. Fan Recognition:

It is really important to show your supporters that you are not only appreciative of their contributions but that you also recognize how their support plays a major role in your creative process. What’s more, it increases loyalty in your fan community and keeps you connected with them in an authentic way. Plus, your fans will be thrilled to see their favorite artist mention them by name in one of their music videos or tracks.


3. Merchandise:

This is a very popular option that artists have been using for years. Fans love receiving physical merchandise that they can flaunt while you get promoted at the same time- a win-win situation, really. Be it an exclusive poster, concert tickets, t-shirts, badges, or other branded goods, physical merchandise is a great way to reward your fans for their support. You can reserve these rewards for those fans that support you more.


4. Raw Files:

One way of letting your fans really feel like they’re involved in your creative process is by sharing raw digital files such as initial drafts of a new track you’re working on. This way, your fans can offer their honest opinions and feedback which will greatly help you as well.

5. Live Streams:

As a musician, you can use your talent as a reward by live streaming your music to your ardent fans. A live stream will provide a personalized experience for your fans as they get to watch and listen to you perform in real time – an honour reserved only for your supporters.

6. Early Access:

This is one of the most popular reward options among creators and fans alike. Letting your fans take a look at something first before the rest of the world does really helps send the message across that you care about them and that they are a part of your community. This reward is also really easy to execute, making it a big hit.

7. Digital Extras:

Bonus digital content is a brilliant reward option as it doesn’t require you to do anything beyond what you’re already used to doing, saving you plenty of time. Plus, bonus content is always a great hit among fans as this content is exclusively available only to them for being your supporters. This could include unreleased songs, behind the scenes footage, or just anything that hasn’t been seen before, making it exclusive and special.

8. One-on-One Lessons:

Aspiring musicians among your fans are bound to absolutely love lessons from their musical inspiration- you! Sharing tips and tricks or tutorials on how to play one of your songs is a unique reward idea that would be greatly appreciated by your fans. This also reflects well on you and shows that you care about their growth as well.

These reward ideas are just suggestions from our side to help you get started so you’re free to come up with creative reward ideas of your own that work better for you.

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