One of the biggest advantages of being an illustrator on Help Me Try is the sheer variety of reward options that can be offered to fans. And as you might have figured out by now, the more the numbers of rewards, the better! If you’re still trying to decide which ones to go forward with, this article is the best place to start. We’ve put together this comprehensive list of fabulous rewards that you can offer your fans for supporting your creative work. Go ahead and pick the ones that suit you best and feel free to customize them to your personal preference.


Reward Ideas That Illustrators Offer Their Fans


1. High-Quality Digital Images

Since your fans already love your art, receiving a high-quality version of one of your artworks would make for a great reward option. You can make them even happier by offering it formatted to a size that would perfectly fit laptop or phone screens, making for a wallpaper they would absolutely adore. You can offer high-quality versions of existing images to your lower-tier supporters while reserving exclusive images for those fans that pay you more.

2. Early Access

If you’re working on a comic series or illustrating a narrative, this option could work really well for your fans who are eagerly awaiting the next story development. Giving a sneak peek or early access to your artistic content is an easy way to reward your supporters and keep them hooked.


3. Private Community

Access to an exclusive members-only community consisting of your supporters is a great way to reward your fans and keep them in the loop. With this idea, not only will your community grow and thrive, but you’re also likely to come across brilliant ideas and useful feedback.


4. Digital Extras

As a digital artist, many of your fans are likely to be aspiring artists themselves. Sharing some PSD files, test-renders or other useful extras to help them out is another wonderful way to reward them.


5. Tutorials

Like the previous one, this one is also a good option for those fans who are learning to create art. Sharing a video of your creative process or a mini tutorial with a voice-over would be greatly appreciated by your supporters who look to you for inspiration.

6. Fan Recognition

If you are working on comics or something similar that is regularly released to your audience, this option might work perfectly for you. Fan recognition or fan feature involves featuring your fans as a character (usually minor) in one of your works. This special reward can be reserved for higher tiers or only carried out occasionally. Another great way to thank your fans is by getting their names printed in your art book, or dedicating a little symbol to them in one of your works to show your gratitude for their support.


7. Colouring Pages

Colouring pages are not just for kids anymore. Grown-ups love colouring books just as much and a ready to colour in page of your artwork could really win your fans’ hearts. This low-effort reward simply requires you to share a black and white version of your illustration and can be used for lower fan tiers as well.

8. Art Lessons

Live art lessons can be offered to your fans in groups or even as a private session. Fans who are keen on learning art would really appreciate this reward. Since this requires your expertise, this reward can be reserved for those fans that support you the most.


9. Archives and Behind the Scenes

Granting access to your special archives is a great way of rewarding your fans. Your archives can include bonus work from the past or exclusive content for your supporters. Sharing behind the scenes content will involve divulging informative and/or personal content which your fans would love getting access to.


10. Merchandise

Physical merchandise can never go out of fashion, as nothing can truly replicate the charm of receiving something tangible. You can share prints of your artwork as is or in the form of gifts such as t-shirts, badges, and many more. As this requires more effort, you can save this for top-tier fans, sending them out at regular intervals or as a surprise. This reward option can potentially work out great in the long run.


11. Commissions

As an illustrator, commissions are definitely worth considering as a reward, if you haven’t thought about it already. Commissioned artwork as a reward involves creating a piece of art based on your fan’s preference. This is usually only offered to those fans that support you the most, as the process involves more of your effort and expertise.


12. Livestreams

Livestreams are a great way of engaging with your fans. These can be turned into live Q&A sessions as well. It’s totally up to you what type of questions you want to entertain- be it about you being an illustrator, art tips, or about your personal life. If you’d like, you can even stream your creative process live.


This list of rewards should be enough to get you started. Have fun playing around with these ideas and mixing them together to find the perfect blend that works just for you as an illustrator. 

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