The majority of the population that want to exercise don’t necessarily have the time or the money to get a gym membership. A lot of people also tend to be self-conscious when they are working out. So it is inevitable that they would either resort to basic exercises such as walking or turn to the internet for advice (and workouts). And this is where you, aka the fitness instructor come in.

If you are a certified personal instructor who ventured into the world wide web and gained a large following, you could turn your passion into a burgeoning business. Read on to find out how you can use HelpMeTry to generate revenue.


Reward Ideas Fitness Instructors Can Offer Their Followers  


1. Access to Community

Working out in the comfort of your home might not seem all that great, especially when loneliness starts to kick in. Providing your fans access to a support group will help them and you in the long run.

One of the things that plague beginners is the motivation to keep going even if they can’t see the results. The community members can step up and become each others’ allies in their quest to become healthy. Moreover, any doubt that a member may have can be answered by anyone who might have had a similar experience. That way, you needn’t spend too much time answering simple questions, and only take up those queries which you will be more knowledgeable about.


2. Workout Calendars

A sizable portion of your audience may choose a random video and start working out, which could be detrimental to their fitness. One, getting fit or losing a few pounds is a vague goal to obtain and can lead to the person becoming despondent and quitting. Furthermore, one needs to exercise every part of their body to become strong (and not just focus on their abs or biceps).

Workout calendars will be a huge boon for your supporters as it gives precise plans for the day. Your fans would also know when to take a rest day, a concept foreign to many. You can design one or two calendars for every exercise type that you offer.

3. Discount on Group Classes

If you conduct group classes regularly (few times a week or month), you could offer a discount or a free class every month. This would work only for those that stay in the same city as you, but it could motivate a few to pledge support.


4. Live Chat and Q&A

Start a Question and Answer (Q&A) thread where you take questions from your backers. You could either do it live or answer over a period of time. This would require commitment from your part, but if you limit it to once a month, it could be managed well. This reward will also drive more numbers to become members as a lot of them would like to have their queries answered by an expert.


5. Fan Appreciation and Participation

A large portion of your fan-base love the work that you do and have supported you through the ups and downs. So giving them a little recognition goes a long way in deepening the relationship that you have with them. you could mention their names in the end credits or have a hall of fame on your website where their names are prominently displayed. You could also tag them in any of the social media platforms or give a shout-out. This reward is better reserved for mid-range tiers.

Participation is a different ball game altogether. If it is feasible, you could have your biggest contributors as a special guest on your workout videos. You could use their help to demonstrate the correct posture for the workout that has been planned for that day. you could also come with other ways of including your fans in the creative process.

6. Merchandise

If your brand has established its presence in the fitness community, your fans would love to get their hands on your merch. You could ship out items such as resistance bands, tops and workout pants, to name a few. You could showcase your supporters wearing your products on your website, groups or social media.


7. Personalized Exercise and Meal Plan

This works best in cases where you either are or have a certified nutritionist or dietitian on board. A considerable number of the public are not privy to the ins and outs of nutrition, and how to prepare a plan that would give optimum results.

After making a thorough assessment, you could come up with an individualized plan for your benefactor. Note that this reward is perfect for your highest donors.


8. Sponsors

Getting corporate backing is a profitable method to ensure a steady income. If there are companies that are willing to support your work, discuss their requirements – how they’d want the promotion to look like, among other matters.

Ultimately it boils down to one point – what will work for you and your audience? Try experimenting with these rewards and don’t hesitate to come up with reward ideas of your own.

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