For those of you that may or may not want to be a part of the traditional fashion industry, but live and breathe anything related to fashion, being an influencer is a great option with plenty of opportunities. You yield a certain control most could only hope for – the power to influence purchase behaviour with the endorsements you provide. However, yours is not just a regular celebrity endorsement. The relationships that you have built with your supporters mean that they would take your recommendations seriously.

If you are looking for ways to supplement your income or to start afresh, one of the best ways is to get your followers to pitch in. To get more people to become paid members, you would have to offer rewards. This article will provide you with a list of reward ideas that you could try with your fans.


Reward Ideas for Fashion Influencers to Offer Their Fans


1. Community Access

Your fans share a common interest – you. One of the easiest methods to bring your fans together is to provide them with exclusive community access. You could offer equal access to all your members, or provide multiple tiers for people that pledge different amounts.

You could also offer your fans a chance to vote. It could be on the look you would don for your next Instagram post, or the topic you would cover on your channel. If you have merchandise, you could also get them to choose the design for the same.


2. Behind the Scenes

Your fans would love to know how you put together the various looks that you post on your social media. The shops that you go to and the progress that you make to get the final outfit would be extremely informative for your members. This would not take up too much of your time as it already is a part of your creative process.

3. Premium Content

If you are a subject matter expert on fashion (which you are), you could post in-depth videos on a variety of things. You could talk about why you chose a certain accessory to complete your look, or why a certain dress might not work for an occasion. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these types of content, and your fans are sure to enjoy them


4. Question & Answer Session (Q&A)

Another perk that you could offer your supporters would be to host a Q&A session. You could let them ask you questions about your personal life (if you’re comfortable with that), or discuss matters related to your work. Since this requires a certain level of commitment on your part, you could do this as frequently as you wish.


5. Merchandise

If you sell merch, it’s a great incentive for your fans to be paid members. You could either give it for free or offer a heavy discount on the items.

But if you don’t have any merchandise, there are still many things that you could give your fans. You could send them some trinkets that you could have gotten from the flea market, or an item from one of your posts. It might not cost you much, but it would be a cherished gift for your followers.

Do bear in mind that you might not be able to do this for all your fans – send a handwritten note for your most dedicated fan, or some unka3 item for your newly joined members.

6. Hangouts and Live Chats

For the higher paying fans, you could organise hangouts or chat sessions. You could choose to provide them with tips and tricks on fashion, or take a laid back approach and talk about things in general.


7. One-on-One Sessions

This concept can be implemented in several ways.

(i) You could have a Skype session with your supporter and discuss any issues that he/she may have regarding fashion. You could offer suggestions or ideas with their dressing styles, or a style that they want to look good in.

(ii) You could tutor aspiring fashion influencers on the ins and outs of the industry. Your expertise would be a boon for many of those who wish to break into this industry

(iii) For those fans that pledge the maximum amount, you could visit them personally (if it is within your means) and style their outfits. This would require a massive commitment from you, but the rewards are just as great.


8. Fan Recognition and Participation

Most of your fans just want to be appreciated for the support they give you. Giving a shout-out, tagging them in a post, or mentioning their names in the description or end credits is a simple way to show your appreciation.

For those that pay a larger sum, you could have them participate in the creative process. They could either be the ones giving ideas on your outfit, or if you so desire, actually be wearing the outfit with you.

9. Sponsorship

This might seem daunting for someone who would prefer to stay unbiased while giving opinions on clothes, but if done right can bring in a lot of earnings. If the companies that wish to sponsor your post have clothes that you have recommended previously or identify with, it would not look out of place from amongst your other content.


There you have it fashionista! Do remember what worked for one creator may not necessarily work for you or your fans. pick and experiment with the options given above, or take inspiration from them to make the best of the rewards.

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