The world has moved online, and so has education. The ones that are actively involved in the creation and dissemination of learning online are spearheading the change in the education sector. As a member of this community, you’ve taken the right step! 

You are bound to feel happy when your viewers thank you for the explanation you provided for a complex topic, or that your recent article on World War I has blown up on social media. It is also likely that you are considering turning your passion into a business. If you are planning on incorporating the membership business model for your work, you might be wondering about the benefits that you could be offering your fans. We at HelpMeTry are here to guide you through this maze.


Reward Ideas for Educational Content Creators to Give Their Fans


1. Community Access

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money is by granting access to a dedicated community. The discussions that come from these forums can result in lasting friendships – which will increase the goodwill of your brand.

You can either opt for equal access to all supporters (which can be kept at the lowest rates) or have a multi-tier system in place where people that pay different amounts get different rights. You can give voting rights to the higher-level supporters – this can entail the option to choose a topic for the next post, or the design of your products or logo.


2. Bonus and Premium Content

Bonus content can be anything you are sure your backers would enjoy. If you produce videos, it can be a combination of behind the scenes footage, videos on special content, outtakes of your recent episodes, or bloopers.

Premium content is your content – but better. You could delve into detailed discussions on topics that you have covered in your free content, or have some special guest be a part of your show.

3. Q&A Session

You can host a live Question and Answer session for your fans, and choose to answer every one of them or select a few from the list that your fans have sent you. You could also start a post in a forum where you answer queries in your free time.


4. Fan Recognition

A large portion of your audience have faith in the work that you do and are very generous with their contributions. Appreciate their support and thank them. A simple thank you card or a shout-out are a great way to inspire pledges. You can also try more creative approaches according to your means.

5. Fan Participation

This is one of the best ways to drive-up traffic for two reasons – a fan being a part of a show can breathe life into your content, leading to better engagement. Furthermore, this shows your fans that you are dedicated to your passion. This is a prized benefit and is best to be earmarked for the highest benefactor.

You can opt to have them be a part of the storyboard or have him/her join in the brainstorming sessions. Alternatively, you could have them as a guest on your show – something that would work for shows that have a guest-friendly format.


6. Merchandise and Digital Goods

If you have a strong presence in the educational sector, and your products are loved by your fans, gifting free merch to a select group of supporters can do wonders to the number of pledges. You can also opt to give a gift card to your shop or coupon codes.

If you don’t have an online shop, shipping out cutouts or personalized drawings (if you have animation in your content) is a quirky present to give. This will be treasured by your fans, and also be something to boast about.


7. Tutorials or Tutoring Sessions

If you are posting educational content online, it is because you are a subject matter expert on the topic you cover. So you could choose to either host live tutoring sessions or post an online course behind a paywall.

Tutoring sessions might be more time consuming, but a lot of your fans would love to listen to your classes live. On the other hand, hosting an online course will require effort on your part in the beginning (when you upload), but is a passive means of earning money.

8. Sponsors

Corporate backing is a wonderful way to generate large amounts of income. You would need to discuss the details of your agreement with the sponsors with regards to the advertisement placements or any other arrangements that they and you would prefer.


So there you have it. You can try to incorporate these ideas or come up with ones of your own. And keep teaching!

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