Food is one of the rare unifying factors for people the world over. Great food has the innate ability to melt hearts, to calm an agitated mind, and even to drown away someone’s misery (although we don’t recommend it). And the one who knows how to cook is indeed self-sustaining.

You could either be a home cook that loves to share their passion (and recipes) with others. Or you could be a chef that wants to pass on your expertise and skills to the next generation of cooks and chefs. If you have a strong fan base that supports your undertakings, you could get them to become paid supporters. This will ensure that you can focus on your culinary dreams and not be worried about the overhead costs.


Reward Ideas That Can be Used by Chefs and Cooks


1. Community Access

Getting your supporters together under one community is a nifty way for you and your fans to connect, without the negativity of trolls. You could also update your fans regarding any developments on the community page. You could go for something as elaborate as a Discord, or just a simple Facebook group will also do the trick.

A benefit that you can occasionally offer within the community is the right to vote. You can create polls regarding the recipes that they would be interested to learn, or the topics that you should cover in the next post. If you do plan on designing merchandise for your brand, you could also ask for suggestions on the items they’d love to buy, or the design of the products.


2. Exclusive Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the easiest approaches that you can employ to keep your followers updated. Depending on your commitments, you could set the frequency and the content that you feel would be beneficial for your backers.

For example, you could write about the blog post that you have put up recently. You can also comment on the recent food trends or share links to older posts.

3. Bonus and Ad-Free Content

Since your supporters love your content, providing them with something extra is an assured way to have them hooked. It could include behind the scenes footage or premium content that will motivate more fans to pledge support.

Most (if not all) of you will be putting up ads to generate revenue. However, you could give an ad-free experience from a certain tier level and above. This is an effective reward that can be given to the lower level supporters.


4. Question and Answer (Q&A) Sessions

This can be a fun way for you to connect with your fans. You can opt for a laid back and chill atmosphere where you get a chance to open up to your supporters. They could either ask you about your work or even your personal life (if you are comfortable with divulging these details).


5. Recognition

A large section of your audience supports you because they have faith in the work that you do. And for those followers, a simple thank you can go a long way. You can show your gratitude in the form of a social media post, or a mention in a blog, or even a shout-out in your videos. Some creators have also created a wall of fame for those supporters that pledge beyond a certain threshold.


6. Participation

Having your fans take part is another reward that you can grant your followers. You could have them as a guest on your show and have them do the cooking. Even if you normally put up written blogs only, you could interview them and feature that in your next post – if your fans are enthusiastic about this. This is more applicable to your biggest supporters.

7. Tutoring Sessions

Even if you don’t feel like you are a subject matter expert, your expertise in this field would be vast in comparison to the general populace. You could arrange for live tutoring sessions for your backers, or even post tutorials covering the basics skills that one needs to master in the kitchen.


8. Free Merchandise

You could motivate certain fans of yours to become members by giving them a chance to show off your merch. You could ship out some items such as aprons or oven mitts, or even a sourdough or cake mix. This is not a reward that you can offer to every one of your fans – decide on who and at what frequency to send out the paraphernalia.


9. Meetup

An incentive that is ideal for your biggest backers, having an in-person meeting would be a dream come true for a few of your fans. This would require some level of planning on your part. You could invite the fan and an extra person fo a casual brunch, or even prepare a meal for them.

If meeting your fans is not possible (due to time constraints), you could also chat with them via Skype, or host a live Hangout session with a few of your followers.

10. Sponsorship

Getting funding for your culinary pursuits will reduce your stress with regards to your next paycheck. Discuss the details with the prospective sponsors as to how they’d want you to promote them.  


So there you have it. Bear in mind that you would need a minimum of 3 tiers of membership plan in order to succeed, and implement the rewards that would work best for your fans.

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