One of the most important questions that you might ask before starting off into the membership model is how to convert your audience into paying members. But before that, try answering this – how big is your audience? And by audience, you would need to take into account those followers that are not only subscribed, but also engage on your platform. This would include the fans liking, sharing or commenting, or a combination of three.

After gauging the size and engagement of your followers, try figuring out on which of the platforms that you generally post on has the most activity. Based on that, you can estimate that 1% – 5% of those followers might convert to paid supporters on HelpMeTry. And they would generally be of the lower tier group.

Do take into consideration that this is just an approximate figure and may not hold true for all creators. Nonetheless, increasing your fan base would definitely help you see a spike in your supporters as well. Read on for tips regarding the same.


Methods to increase your audience


1. Create a good website

One of the first steps that you would need to implement in order to establish a brand presence is building a website. Those of your fans that have just discovered you would most likely Google you – so help them by directing them to the one place that will host all of the details needed. Make sure that you have a bio, links to all the social media channels, your content, and your contact info.

If you wish to start a monthly newsletter for your subscribers, having an email subscription box on your page would be ideal. Even if you feel that you may not send out circulars in the immediate future, having the email list will be useful in those instances when you’d have to send out important updates or announce new ventures.   


2. Make more of what clicks

If there was anything you posted in recent times that got a lot of organic traction (read as more views, more likes, more comments, more engagement), try to make more of that. You could also put up a poll or ask your fans what they would like you to work on next. Since it can become difficult for you to figure out the way forward, your fans can come to your rescue.

For the content that has your audience going gaga, share it on any of your social media channels (preferably all of them). The posts that get shared by more of your followers can result in more people seeing your work and in turn becoming your fans.

3. Schedule your content

If you may have noticed, a lot of content creators tend to schedule their content for a specific time each week. This ensures that their fans know when they can expect their content, thereby causing an increase in followers. If you wish to do something similar, you may have to create a schedule for your content and plan in advance. This will guarantee that you deliver on time and your viewers would come to rely on you.


4. Join forces with other creators

Collaboration is one of the most efficient ways by which you can increase your fan base. For example, if you are a YouTuber, you could have a special appearance on your collaborator’s video and vice versa. By getting together with another creator, your content has a higher chance to be viewed by a diverse audience which may never have come across content similar to yours (this could happen if you collaborate with a creator that caters to a niche different than yours).

If you have invited another creator to collaborate with you, have some ideas ready for the post. You could either brainstorm together, or come up with an almost finished plan if you want to partner up with a far bigger and popular creator.

5. Partake in community building exercise

You could either choose to be a part of some other community or start a community of your own. If you are participating in another group, rather than indulging in promotion that borders in bragging (that nobody likes reading about), contribute fruitful ideas and suggestions that will help in starting genuine conversations that the group members are interested in. Your proposals might also result in them having a piqued interest in your work, which would eventually lead them to be your fans.  

If you have a dedicated community for your fans, try to actively participate in the discussions. The engagement that you show will result in more supporters opening up and not just being passive viewers.

If you are a subject matter expert in your field, posting tutorials is a sure fire way to generate interest in your content, which again will lead to an upward trend in your fan base.


Hopefully these ideas would help you on your creative journey and grant you the success you desire. Remember that a large audience translates into a large backing from your supporters.

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