After crossing the first hurdle of creating your page and launching on HelpMeTry, the next step can appear overwhelming. It is possible that you would be harbouring questions on how to increase traffic to your page, see a growth in the number of members, or become successful in your field. If so, you are in the right place.

When it comes to being profitable in the creative world, a few tips and tricks can help you along. Continue reading for the best advice on how to be successful on HelpMeTry in the first month. The article will also help you with methods on how engaging with your fans can help you fill up your pockets.


How Can Creators Be Successful in the First Month

1. Have Multiple Goals

Start by setting more than one goal. This crucial step will increase your likelihood of hitting your revenue targets. Choose those goals that encourage you and your supporters, and in turn, would cause an upsurge in memberships.

What constitutes a goal? A goal is a way by which you and your supporters can track your progress. For example, you could have a goal to earn a certain amount of money to buy better equipment. This is something you and your fans can rally around and in turn, strive to achieve.

What is the magical number? One is too small as it may not have the power to influence large sections of your fan base, but aiming for more than 5 may also put you in jeopardy. Having objectives in the range of 2 – 4 is ideal as it is realistic to expect that it can be fulfilled, and it will not overwhelm you.


2. Offer At Least 2 Member Tiers

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the profits that you will reap are huge. When you offer two or more benefit tiers, this provides your backers with a chance to choose the tier that they want to opt for. As expected, the majority of your supporters are most likely to select the lowest level, but there might be a few that might decide on a higher tier based on the rewards that they will get.

There are a few points that you need to bear in mind while setting rewards for the tiers. Give those types of rewards that would be of interest to your audience. Moreover, don’t offer perks that would be difficult for you to fulfil, or would take away the time that you could have dedicated to your work.

3. Unpaid Posts in First Month

You need to give a glimpse of what your supporters can expect when they join your membership plan. And one of the best approaches for this is to upload unpaid posts in the first month. This will convert and add new supporters to your list that were on the fence before. Moreover, it will strengthen the connection that you share with your existing backers.

You would notice that this method might not usher in a large wave of supporters, but every bit of engagement that takes place between you and your audience is bound to have them stay for longer, and eventually support you for a longer period (since new supporters tend to leave in the first 90 days). That will be the ultimate success.


4. Thank Your Supporters

Another technique of fan engagement, this has been proven to work for many creators. Sending your backers a thank you note increases the warmth that you share, which will result in more support pouring in.

If your fans follow you on social media, you could tag them in one of your posts or host a hall of fame for a select few of your fans every month. This gives your followers bragging rights, and might also persuade others to join.

5. Share on Social Media

Social media posts account for nearly 30% – 35% of the traffic that comes to the creators’ page. So ignoring these platforms would be detrimental to the growth of your business. Display links to your landing page in your bios or profiles of every social media platform that you are active in. This will boost the number of supporters and the revenue you earn in the subsequent months.


All the points that are mentioned point towards one thing – if you engage your fans from the first month itself, you should be able to accomplish your financial aims.

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