Welcome to HelpMeTry! We hope you’re just as excited as we are to have you on board. Before we get down to the nitty-gritties (it’s super easy, we promise!), let’s have a quick rundown of all the benefits you’ll receive as a content creator on our platform. 

                                                                                             What you can expect from HelpMeTry

1. Fan Support

Get your fans to not just cheer for you but also support you – literally! Work with your top fans to create special content while they fund your creative process. 

2. Team Support

We’ve got your back! From getting your page started to connecting with your fans in better ways, our team will help you get everything sorted. Be it a simple question or a major concern, you can always turn to us for help, guaranteed!

3. Your Content is Your Content

You have complete freedom to create and share your unique content on our space while having 100% ownership over it.

4. To Ad or Not to Ad

That may be the question but our answer is: you choose! We have no restrictions on our content creators advertising products or working with sponsors.

5. Fully Managed

Leave all the back-end work to us! Our team will take care of all your fan questions, payments, and customer support so you can concentrate on creating fabulous content for your fans.

6. Only 10%

And we mean it! We charge a completely transparent fee of just 10% to keep this platform up and running so we can support creators like you.


                                                                                                              How to Build Your Page

Now that you know the perks, let’s get down to building your page. Your page will consist of all the relevant information about you that your fans are looking for, so it’s absolutely crucial to have a good one. Our simple interface gives you the space to showcase your unique content to the masses. Let’s get started!

  • Per Month or One Time : First things first, you’ll need to make the choice on how you want to be charging your fans. Would you prefer to charge them on a regular monthly basis or only as one time payment? It’s totally up to you. If you’re a little unsure, we suggest that you opt to charge monthly if you frequently share paid content (more than 3-4 posts a month). If not, just go with option 2.

  • Upload your Profile Photos: Be it a great picture of your own face or of your logo, your Creator Photo is the first thing your existing and potential fans will notice and recognize you by. These images will act as a banner at the top of your page. It can be anything from your logo to a graphic of your tagline.

  • Describe Yourself: This is the space to introduce yourself and talk about what you do and what you plan to do on HelpMeTry. Feel free to express yourself in words that bring out who you truly are and help you connect better with your fans.

  • Decide Your Goals: Your milestone goals are not only important motivators for you but for your fans as well. Your milestone goals are different checkpoints that you achieve with funding from your fans. These milestones could be anything from getting better recording equipment for your videos or covering your living expenses so you can spend more time creating. We highly recommend that you set more than one goal to improve your chances of success.

  • Plan your Rewards: Rewards are your way of thanking your fans for funding your work and to keep them more involved in the process. There are multiple ways you can reward your fans for their support and this can be dependent on how much they pay as well.

  • Share Your Video: Your creator video is the perfect space to make a great first impression as your fans are more likely to watch this first before taking a look at the rest of your page. You can use this video as an opportunity to talk about the things that truly matter and explain how they can support you on HelpMeTry.

  • Thank your Fans: Your thank you message or video is the first thing your fans will see once they sign up to support you, so make sure to show your love!

And you’re done! It’s that simple to set up your page on HelpMeTry. You can go through our blog to find great tips on what you need to do next. Keep creating!


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